Who You Are.

“Sometimes we’re tested not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our strength.”

– Unknown-

We’ve all been there. We’ve showed up for a test, thinking to ourselves, that we aren’t good enough. Yet, we still take the test. We still do what the boss wants. We still accomplish the day. What we learn before, during, and after is what matters.

If we continue the thought of not being good enough. We never will be good enough. Not for anything, nor anyone. However, with a more positive mindset, you set yourself further ahead of the game. You may realize that you aren’t the best but you know you will still do your best. You do your best at anything you do. You accomplish what you set your mind to.

In the middle of that test, we sit there thinking, “dang, this sucks.” Even when you already have half the battle won. You showed up! You learned that you can and you will learn that you will. So the next time you can and will!

After the test has been taken and we stirring over how we did, waiting for the results, we constantly second guess every question and/or every thing we did. Stop second guessing! Second guessing gets us nowhere except even further in self pity. Nobody likes a Debbie Downer. Think to yourself that you did it. You took the test. And you did the best that you possibly could. Latch on to that positive thinking, and rock and roll with it. When you get the results back. Cheer for yourself. Be your own support. Show your self some love. And congratulate yourself. And when the results are back. You learned that no matter what is handed to you, you handle with ease and grace. You learned that you can and will do your best. The boss/teacher may see the weaknesses, but we just learned a new strength.

Sometimes in life we dont know our strengths. We only know our weaknesses. We don’t focus on how well we treat our kids, how we put smiles on people faces or how many blessings we have.

All my life I was told I could do better with my diabetes and I needed to take better care of myself. This was my test. I knew that I was doing the best that I could. Although, I knew I could do better. I never allowed my brain to tell me I sucked at being a diabetic. I gave it my best shot and I lived my best life to the best way that I could.

Fast forward through 23 years of hearing this from everyone. I lay in a hospital bed with a brand new kidney and a brand new pancreas. The surgeon walks in, goes through all the normal talk, then asks where my dad was. He was out of the room doing whatever he was doing. She wanted someone else to hear tmwhatvshe had to say. She started asking me how long I had fought this dreaded disease. Then began to tell me that I did an amazing job at controlling it. She didnt seen anything wrong my other organs that diabetes would effect. She said I was dealt a crummy hand in life, but here is my chance to reshuffle the cards and hopefully have a better hand. I had grown cold to everyone asking how I lived taking shots, how did I do all finger pricks and such, and the look on their face when I told them it was life or death. I chose life. When that surgeon told me that I had done a good job I learned that all those finger pricks, all the needles, all the questions and stares, and all the highs and lows, love and heartache, and all the moodiness, was completely worth it. That was the result of my test. I loved life before and I still love life today. I had lost focus of my personal strength of being able to be resilient, love everyone (I never told anyone to just Google type 1 and I didnt have time to listen to them argue with me if I could have that ouece of cake or not), braveness, and my vulnerability. To those that knew I was getting irritated, I’m sorry. I still love you.

It’s been one month and twenty- three days since the dual organ surgery. I am now living MY BEST life. Never let yourself get down on yourself. Hold your values. Build your character. Strive for perfection. Know your strengths but also know your weaknesses so you can make them a strength.

Go be like a sunflower and always find the sun.

Published by Arlyn

I'm just a guy with a new lease on life. Full of stories and reflections. Here to spread some positivity in this not so positive thinking world.

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